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Animal - Exploring the zoological world

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Explore the breathtaking beauty and diversity of the animal world. Over 300 captivating images illustrate the incredible story of humankind's fascination with animals, and their profound influence on our lives. Images span millennia, from ancient cave paintings and medieval manuscripts to contemporary art, photography and animation. Carefully chosen by an international panel of experts and arranged to highlight thought-provoking contrasts and similarities. Includes iconic works by a diverse range of globally renowned artists, photographers and zoologists, such as John James Audubon, Conrad Gesner, Andy Warhol, Albrecht Dürer, Charles Darwin, Vincent van Gogh, Jeff Koons, Paul Nicklen, Maria Sibylla Merlan and Albertus Seba.
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Animal - Exploring the zoological world

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"James Hanken"

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REF : 9780714876818

Animal - Exploring the zoological world Animal - Exploring the zoological world Voir les options d'achat