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Architect of Photography - Edition bilingue anglais-espagnol

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Photographers portray the expressive qualities of buildings letting their inner architect surface. Like architects confronted with an empty site to explore, photographers move their eye analytically from one part of a building to another seeking out the best angles. Beyond that, they listen to the language of buildings, thinking and feeling to further create. Only then can the essence of architecture be captured. This is the architecture that Lucien Hervé succeeded in capturing when he photographed l'Unité d'Habitation in Marseille (France) designed by Le Corbusier. Upon receiving a few photographs of his work, Le Corbusier said to Lucien Hervé : “You have the soul of an architect.” Photography has found in architecture the means through which it can develop a visual language that records and interprets the urban landscape of an era and a culture. By the same token, architecture has found in photography the ideal instrument to ensure its dissemination and architects have realized that photographs are the culminating step that establishes recognition of their work. In this regard Architect Alberto Campo Baeza says : “If an architect makes vulgar architecture and a good photographer makes it look good, that's hypocrisy. But if a good architect builds great architecture, but doesn't photograph it or photographs it poorly, it's foolishness, which is worse.” Architect of Photography not only features a visual narrative of buildings which have been photographed by Eugeni Pons, it also examines and highlights the different architectural elements that are captured by the camera, as directed by the photographer's critical and sensible eye. This book presents a selection of photographs according to the subjects of Geometry, Volume and Space, Repetition and Modulation, Color, Light and Shadow, Reflection and Transparency, and Abstraction. Eugeni Pons offers his vision of buildings and interior spaces he has photographed throughout his career. He knows very intimately the light of the Mediterranean coast that saw him grow up, and uses it as his best ally. With this light he dresses or undresses the built works, revealing suggestive transparencies and displaying richly nuanced colors. Sometimes, he also surprises us with the unexpected appearance of a figure in motion. Architectural photography is after all a creative work that fuses space and time. Eugeni Pons creates and builds. His work is that of an architect of photography.


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Architect of Photography - Edition bilingue anglais-espagnol
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