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Assertiveness In A Week

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'A useful confidence-building tool for those whose key aim is to find their inner power' Edge OnlineBeing more assertive just got easierMuch has been... Lire le descriptif

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'A useful confidence-building tool for those whose key aim is to find their inner power' Edge Online

Being more assertive just got easier
Much has been spoken about the assertive communication style, not all of it complimentary! Many people confuse it with being aggressive, bamboozling others into submission and getting what you want, despite what they want. However, assertive communication is not domineering; it's just a means of saying what you mean, meaning what you say and allowing others to do the same.

Taking the decision to adopt assertive behaviour will mark the beginning of a new way of life: a way of life where you make your own decisions and choices without feeling guilty, and where you are in control, not those around you.

By working through some simple steps, and by testing the techniques out in a 'safe' environment, you will soon become confident in your new-found powers of assertion. You will be able to command the respect of others, achieve your personal and professional goals and raise your self-esteem.

The steps to assertive behaviour you will cover in this book are:
- Understand the different styles of communication and the effect they have.
- Identify your own style(s) of communication.
- Know your own worth and the worth of others.
- Be clear about your goals.
- Be prepared to learn from your successes and failures.
- Be flexible, and don't expect too much.
- Learn to listen.

Each of the seven chapters in Assertiveness In A Week covers a different aspect of being assertive:
- Sunday: Preparing the foundations
- Monday: Creating winning scenarios
- Tuesday: Dealing with the 'negative'
- Wednesday: Creating a positive impression
- Thursday: Being assertive in public
- Friday: Body language
- Saturday: Personal power

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Assertiveness In A Week

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REF : 9781444158731

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