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Erotica, Volume 5

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THE FARMER'S NIECE by Nicky BA young city girl is sent to stay on her uncle's farm in a very rural setting - stripped of all home comforts, technology and... Lire le descriptif

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A young city girl is sent to stay on her uncle's farm in a very rural setting - stripped of all home comforts, technology and almost her sanity! And then the Hay Man comes a-knocking!

Doris strenuously denied committing adultery. That was until Doris' husband Jeth pressed the play button on the remote control. Undercover surveillance clearly showed Doris writhing and orgasming in time to the 1812 overture with someone other than himself. Jeth thought that it could have made quite a classy porn home movie really, but he wouldn't share that thought with his wife just yet.

HOTEL GAMES by Gary Philpott
Amelia has found a new way of spicing up her sex life. Filthy chats over the internet and exchanging photos is fine for solo sessions. But what really excites her is the first date, and when the man is up to scratch, the first fuck. Each time Amelia agrees to meet someone, she gets a little bit naughtier, a little bit more daring, until one evening she lives out a longstanding fantasy.

WE SAY SHE'S MY MOTHER by Belinda Wolf
Bettina is a sweet, church-going little old lady who has offered young Shaun sanctuary in her home. But after she sees him rogering a housewife over a car bonnet, something stirs.

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Erotica, Volume 5

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REF : 9781780334783