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Forbidden Flights

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Forbidden flights during which mercenary paratroopers are airdropped over central France with their payloads of cocaine… But also the “forbidden... Lire le descriptif

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Forbidden flights during which mercenary paratroopers are airdropped over central France with their payloads of cocaine… 

But also the “forbidden flights” of several of the finely-drawn characters seeking vainly to flee their troubled pasts….
Against a backdrop of French popular culture, Serge Guéguen weaves a compelling tale of criminal intent, implacable vengeance and ultimate comeuppance, in an action-packed intrigue which throughout blends realistic narrative with telling psychological insights.

A perfect combination of action and mind games for a gripping thriller.


It was the grey, dreary month of November. The prison of Villepinte, in the northern outskirts of Paris, seemed even more sombre and depressing than usual. Laid out in the middle of the fields like a set of Lego blocks, the place was soulless and life-less, despite the yellow bands which the administration had painted on the high barbed-wire-topped walls.
In the waterlogged car-park, a bus was waiting for its "clients": depending on the time of day, these might be either inmates or visitors. The driver, a Black, probably of mixed race judging by the light-ness of his skin, was absorbed in reading his sports daily. Reflexively, he reached out to turn up the volume of the “Tropiques FM” radio station, as the fast and furious Caribbean Zouk music invaded the cabin without disturbing anyone, since the seats behind him were still empty. Just like every day at that time.


After spending a fulfilling career within a French company and writing plays and scripts, Serge Guéguen decided to focus on what he is most passionate about: crime novels.
Today, four of his books have been published and one of them has been awarded the Quai des Orfèvres prize in 2014.
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Forbidden Flights

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REF : 9791095225270