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Jesus and The Holy Spirit

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In the words of Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker Dr. Myles Munroe, "Jesus and The Holy Spirit is an erudite, eloquent, and immensely... Voir le descriptif
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In the words of Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker Dr. Myles Munroe, "Jesus and The Holy Spirit is an erudite, eloquent, and immensely thought-provoking work that gets to the heart of the Principles and Power of the Holy Spirit and Relation to Jesus the King of the Kingdom addresses the subject with a profound simplicity that even the least among us can comprehend. It is also an indispensable reading for anyone who wants to understand the Ministry and Work of the Holy Spirit and his work with the Kingdom of God on earth today. This is a profound work which contains the wisdom of the ages and yet breaks new ground in its approach to understanding the very important subject." The book begins with a powerful testimony of the young author. Malcolm's story of overcoming adversity that many young people go through makes the book very relatable and easy to identify with. Malcolm threw major parties and engaged in many deviant activities before he decided to fully answer the call of God on his life. This testimony shows that anyone can begin a relationship with Christ and makes the further contents of the book real to the readers. The book then gives an insightful explanation and analysis of the contents of the gospel of Christ according to the book of Matthew. The author takes and explains nuggets out of the gospel that are pertinent to our everyday lives as believers. He explains the purpose, character and meaning of the words of Jesus in relation to the Kingdom of God. In addition the book speaks about the Kingdom of God and the Gifts and Fruits of The Holy Spirit. These chapters gives important and practical revelation on what it means to be a believer and a citizen in the Kingdom of God. The author takes an in depth look at the contents of the chapters and digs deep into the original Greek and Hebrew language to bring full insight to the contents. Some of the topics discussed in these chapters are: Love, Joy, Peace, Faith, Healing, Wisdom and Prophesy. The book finally gives a charge to the current generation. This charge includes a call for unity in the Body of Christ and also for constant action and attention to our purposes and the call of God on our lives today as believers. Jesus and The Holy Spirit offer the following features: * Endorsement by Dr. Myles Munroe * Insight and biblical commentary on the Gospel of Jesus Christ * Insight on the Functioning of The Holy Spirit * Insight on the Fruits of The Holy Spirit * Insight on the Gifts of The Holy Spirit * Includes a powerful testimony of the 23 year old Author * Guide for identifying and positively dealing with Demons and Deliverance * Guide for building ministries and constructive evangelism * Foundational book on the principles of becoming a follower of Jesus Christ * Guide for Spiritual Leadership * Guide to the Keys that unlock the Kingdom of God Jesus and The Holy Spirit is indeed a work of The Holy Spirit. It ignites a new fire on the inside that gives light to the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. It provides answers for questions that most people face while they are seeking their creator. It focuses on the most important subjects in Christianity, which is Jesus and The Holy Spirit. The book was written to be a practical and straight forward guide to a better life in Jesus Christ. In the words of Dr. Myles Munroe, " This book will possibly become a classic in this and the next generation."

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Jesus and The Holy Spirit
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